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Success Legacy

Success Legacy is an india-based organisation founded by Mr. Anurag Suryavanshi and Ms, Neeraj Malik with the vision and objective to empower the power with the power of NLP, NLSS and Manifestation. Success Legacy is a name that is trusted by thousands of trainers, trainees, organisations and individuals. Today, success legacy has trained (1000+) individuals around the globe and ensured their physical, mental, economical and relationship well being. Anurag Survanashi, Neeraj Malik and all other trainers are certified NLP and NLSS coaches with vast experience and knowledge.

Our Aspects

We Cover 4 main aspects of life



Learn how to tackle your health problems by your sub-conscious mind



Learn how to make money maker mindset



Learn how to be successful in every kind of relationship



Learn how to improve self-relation

About NLP

What is NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological approach which asserts that one can adapt strategies used by successful individuals to achieve one’s own goals. It guides the individual in learning from their own experiences of success and failure about which thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are useful, and which are getting in their way. No action is negative, even if it leads to perceived failure, as it is just a step in the learning process.


Our Promos

50 K+
Lives Transformed
15 +
Residential Events
20 +
Training Programs
200 +
40 +
Man Years of Experience
300 +
Contributory Events

Our Mission

Vishwaguru Bharat


Our Missions

Empower People to unleash their Real potential & power they already have with Simplified Practical Scientific Spiritual tools to create Lasting Success with more passionate Relationships, more fulfilling career, Financial Freedom with unstoppable Health & Energy. Mission is Not only to transform lives but to encourage Each transformed individual to impact lives around as an Absolute Transformer….and create a Tribe of Ultimate Transformers…


Mission 1

To inspire, inform, motivate and empower people to understand themselves and thus perpetuate the desire for self-improvement. We want to set the motivational standard in the field for Dreamers & Doers.


Mission 2

Creating a one stop solution for everyone by helping our society to grow and live a life full of wellness, flourishing relationships, success & happiness by spreading awareness and skill delivery.


Mission 3

To imbibe the winner’s attitude necessary for achieving success.


Mission 4

Work to inculcate high moral and ethical values amongst the trainers to make them responsible citizens and good human beings.


Mission 5

Creating a one stop solution for “Trainers & Coaches” to make their dream come true


Mission 6

Explore the coaching & training industry at the fullest & create a milestone in coaching & Training Industries


Mission 7

Use Executive Coaching or Personal Coaching to resolve the real underlying issues stopping you from achieving your professional and personal goals.


Mission 8

Success Legacy is on the mission to empower everyone to conquer all the 4 aspects of life i.e., Heath, Wealth, Relationship and spirituality


Glimpses of the Events hosted by Success Legacy

Dream is Everything If the Dream is Big Enough, facts don’t Count. Keep your Dreamer Alive don’t let it Die… Someone is living your Dream somewhere, you just need to Intensify your Ideas to turn it in to Reality of your Life…..
- Anurag Suryavanshi



Success Legacy we all know as a One Stop Solution to becoming a Trainer, A Life Coach, a Transformer, a Motivator and a Teacher, one will know the truth behind this only when one is a part of the programmes hosted by them. Life’s little learnings in the most simple ways, with examples and meditative practices and exercises repeatedly to make it go to our subconscious level, a confidence so high that I can see a positive change in my thinking and my approach to life it’s challenges and the feeling of gratitude for all I have, thank u so Much Success Legacy and all associated with Success Legacy to be so particular in all messages n alerts,  in all the precision in hand holding things to us and making us have such amazing knowledge and contentment, finding peace in all situations and making us have the power to have faith with affirmations and so much positivity. Will remain in debt always, thank you so so much,  a must recommend for all to attend a few sessions and discover this potential on your own. Tons of goodwill to this amazing Team

I wanted to express my personal gratitude to SL team…I’m so grateful for your support and appreciate the way you contribute values in the society..I value the insights and guidance you provide….Dil se thankuh Anurag sir, Neeraj mam , Supreet mam and SUCCESS LEGACY TEAM for everything uh do… feel so blessed to have uh..

Seema Bhavnani
Disha Bhatia
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